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How our pricing works.

We do our best to provide competitive pricing.

Our start prices will give you 16 hours for anything you rent with small incremental increases per 12 hours thereafter.

Select the proper start and end time of your event.

Our pricing is calculated based on when you select the start time of the event and the end time, meaning the exact hours you would like to rent our equipment. Multi day rentals are accepted, just be sure to select the start date/time as well as finish date/time.

3-Step Clean

Keeping Your Family Safe!

clean shield Inventory
We honor and value your trust in our service and equipment. We are dedicated to providing our customers with properly cleaned and sanitized rentals each and every time.

Step 1

brush dust Inventory

All Dust, Dirt, & Debris

Step 2

sanitize Inventory

Deep Clean Unit
with Cleaner & Sanitizer

Step 3

ready fun Inventory

Clean, Sanitized &
Ready for Fun!

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What makes us different

We are a small new rental company looking to satisfy your party needs. We aim to make sure our equipment arrives on time to ensure your party is ready for your guests! We believe in keeping our clients happy for long term relationships.


We hope to help you make your party a success!